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Tile Glossary of Tiling and Technical Terms

Vintage Tiles Showroom in Bangalore

The vintage look is never out of style and this is proved when it comes to the tiles designing and availability.

The tile art is as old as times immemorial and has been improved upon further with the advent of machines and modern times.

The interiors of a home are decorated in various ways and the starting point is deciding what to adorn your walls and floors with that is tiles or marbles?

If you are confused between the two then tiles are recommended as there are multiple advantages of having tiled walls and floors.

Bangalore is famous for its real estateand if you are wondering where to go tile shopping for your place, come and drop by our vintage tiles showroom in Bangalore.

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  • Tiles are made of ceramic and usually sport a glazed look to make them shiny and attractive to the eye. The other types of stones used for creating tiles are granite, onyx, marble, slate. Sometimes cork, concrete, glass are also used to make tiles.
  • Vintage-styled tiles can be found in our vintage tiles showroom and you can get a variety of vintage styles starting from the plainwhite and off-white ones to the bold Mediterranean patterns.
  • The salvaged styles usually are used for walls if you are looking for a retro-style look. Bold and colourful Mediterranean patterns with flower motifs and various geometric patterns are quite flexible and can be used both for your floors and walls.
  • The old checkered style also commonly known as the chessboard style, is the best layout tiles for your floor if you prefer both patterns and the vintagelook together. You can also find it in multiple colours. Or you can get your flooring done in the oldest retro look that is the terracotta style.

Pick your vintage and classic look from our vintage tiles with a horde of discounts and offers.