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Printed Tiles Showroom in Bangalore

Thinking of getting tiles for your home?

Well, then you are in for a happy surprise, as now you cannot only use tiles for your walls and floors but also for your roofs.

Roofing with tiles is not new but in present times has become quite in demand and is trending heavily on the glam side.

If you are looking for tiles with some unique features then printed tiles are the best solution for you.

We have a huge variety of printed tiles in our newly opened printed tiles showroom in Bangalore and you can come by anytime to choose the best set for yourself whenever you like.

Have a quick read below to know more about our printed tiles and printed tiles showroom in Bangalore.

  • Printed tiles are a huge trend these days. Starting from mosaic to eco-friendly glass tiles, you can find printed tiles in every variety in our printed tiles showroom in Bangalore.Printed tiles are also available in ceramic and porcelain materials.

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  • The prints on the tiles can be of geometric patterns, digital, abstract prints,bubbles, floral designs and some of the printed tiles even have Gods and Goddess imprinted on them. You can use these tiles to decorate your place of worship.


  • You can also find unglazed tiles and these specific tiles are used for roofing mostly. Tiles used on the roof are found in shades of red, rust or orangish-red.


It makes the roof visible from far away and also beautifies the exterior of your home.


If you want a roof that looks and gives the vibe just like old day cottages then choosing these are the best for you.

Printed tiles are also available in both glazed and unglazed varieties so if you are looking for a chic, modern and trendy tiled floors and walls then have a look at our printed tiles showroom in Bangalore and avail yourself of the superb offers as well.