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Moroccan Tiles Showroom in Bangalore

Tiles can be found scattered all over the bygone eras as the science of tile making is as old as civilization itself.

The concept of making tiles came into being with the idea of beautification.

Homes that were in the past built with mud, burnt bricks, and stones also started getting tiles attached to their floors and walls to make the interiors both durable and beautiful.

Moroccan tiles have long been appreciated in history for their craftsmanship and glamorous look. Now you can get these beautifulhistorical tiles delivered to your doorstep for your home or office space when you pay a visit to our Moroccan tiles showroom in Bangalore.

  • Are you looking for a classic yet bejewelled look while going tile hunting?
  • Then rest your search with our Moroccan tiles variety. We have a dedicated Moroccan tiles showroom located inone of the best prime locations in Bangalore.

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All our tiles are created using a combination of both modern machines and the old Moroccan tile creating techniques. It is also known as Zellige tiles.

  • Our Moroccan tiles maintain their original texture and looks. We have a lot of geometric and flower patterns on our Moroccan tiles.

All the tiles are coloured vividly but we also have a collection of tiles that sports a monotone to meet your monochromatic Moroccan tile demands.

  • Usually monochromatic colours such as blue, brown, red, black are used to line out the pattern on a base of pure while.

The colourful ones have a mixture of various colours and each tile is glazed to perfection.

  • These tiles can be used for both your walls and flooring depending on the type you want. All our tiles are eco-friendly and ensure a long-lasting life. Check out our showroom for expert advice and offers.