Tips for Selecting Best Tiles for Your Home

Tips for Selecting Best Tiles for Your Home

In the modern day construction method, tiles form an integral part of aesthetics and functionality of your home. The modern technology has enabled different variety of tiles with varied finishes and sizes to match your need. Tiles are of different types depending on the material used, method of manufacturing, color and texture. There are mainly three types of tiles namely ceramic, porcelain and vitrified. The raw material used for all the three is sane like clay, sand and others. The difference comes in the way of burning and composition. Porcelain tiles are denser than ceramic tiles and they are hard to penetrate and have great tensile strength. Vitrified tiles can be both ceramic and porcelain and in case of vitrified tiles a different method of burning is used which gives a glass coating for these tiles. Hence vitrified tiles are sturdy and often used for paving public spaces. Tiles are also classified under glazed or unglazed, matte or glossy. Some of the tips for tile selection for your home are:

  • The modern trend is using ceramic tiles mimicking natural wood finishes and stone finishes for flooring and on walls in your home. While there are only handful of natural stones available, there are nearly 50 varieties of stone finish ceramic tiles available. Unlike wood and stone tiles which fade and deteriorate with time, these ceramic tiles can be used for long with same luster and shine.
  • Make the color selection for your tiles depending on your wall color, furniture, natural light, ambience and other factors. For home use choose ceramic tiles and for exterior use you can use porcelain or vitrified tiles.
  • For small spaces use medium sized tiles say of size 250 x 350 mm and for large spaces use large sized tiles. Bigger tiles create an illusion of space but the tile size must be relevant to the room size.
  • While selecting tile for your home, keep in mind that you need to choose a tile size which results in less tile cutting and wastage. Always select the tile size in multiples of room size for best results.
  • For exteriors like balcony, swimming pool, patio, lobby, porch and other spaces use sturdy stone finish vitrified tiles. They come in different sizes, colors and shapes. Use antiskid tiles by confirming their genuineness as exteriors are prone to water and moisture content.
  • In the kitchen especially clean and stain resistant tiles are a must. You can use either ceramic or porcelain tiles as they are non-porous and hence do not absorb moisture and stain. Avoid using glazed tiles in kitchen. For kitchen floor use anti-skid ceramic tiles.
  • Living rooms and dining rooms are the most used spaces in your home. Hence you need to use abrasion resistant, stain resistant ceramic tiles. You can always experiment with stone finish highlighter tiles or 3d tiles or tiles with gold/leather finish for your walls. Ultimately the tile selection for your living and dining room depends upon design, color scheme and usage.
  • For bedrooms which have lesser public movement, light and sober colored tiles should be used as they should reflect warmth and should be inviting for relaxation. You can choose wooden finish or natural stone finish ceramic tiles for your bedroom.
  • For toilets and bathrooms go with small sized ceramic tiles for walls with some kind of theme like aquatic, nature, stars and others. Use antiskid tiles for flooring and it should go with your theme.
  • Use cement grout for placing tiles, if you are running out of budget, but it absorbs moisture. If you want a water resistant solution for your tiles, then go for epoxy, but it will be costlier when compared to cement grout.
  • If wall tiling is required at some places in your home, then go for borders and decors, which will accentuate the overall look of your home.
  • Always purchase 5 to 10% more tiles than what is exactly required, because in case of cuts and breakages, you will have the same size or colored or textured tile to complete the tiling. Extra tiles which have not been used are taken back by tile shops.
  • See tiles as an investment but not expenditure and never compromise with the quality of tiles.
  • If you are using real stone made tiles like marble, slate and others, then you must ask the selling company regarding laying techniques and maintenance tricks for that particular type of stone.

Whatever may be the nature of construction of your home, tiles add life and beauty to your home. I thus suggest you to be extra careful and study the above given tips regarding tile selection and make a viable investment. Make your home a place like heaven with your beautiful tile schemes.


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