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About Us


HEMNIL has emerged from the admiration, enthusiasm and desire to bring you the most beautiful and exceptional what is being produced in the field of tiles in different parts of the world.

Our effort is focused on search, import and sale of tiles, which can be described by a high quality, unmistakable beauty, they are manufactured in accordance with local or national tradition and designer’s originality, or they are so innovative and unique that it’s worth to work with them.

By products that we bring, and the work that we do, we want to capture and convey:

  • The value and beauty of ceramics and its design, which often has been developed for several generations in family workshops,
  • The value of cultural inspirations, where meets Western elegance and Eastern mystery, Nordic precision and Southern temperament,
  • The value of stylish architecture where ancient and modern beauty comes together,
  • The value of golden hands of artisans from around the world who create remarkable, in many cases handmade masterpieces,
  • The value of know-how and enthusiasm of companies that have devoted their hearts to this industry.

We look forward to our cooperation!


We see our customers as partners. As such, we believe in developing relationships that build trust while engaging your imaginations. Your home is a big part of your life, and we take that idea seriously. So we inspire your creativity and build the personal connections you need to make you feel comfortable about transforming your living space into a showplace you can be proud of.


World class design services are not as expensive as you may think. In fact, at The Hemnil Tiles Studio, they’re free. Our dedicated professionals are ready to discuss your tiling ideas and offer helpful suggestions about arrangement, materials and maintenance to help you create that dream room from start to finish. Visit our showroom and feel the difference.


Our vision is to have Hemnil Tiles Studio recognised as the national market leader in the retail tile industry. By consistently sourcing premium products from around the world, incorporating the latest designs trends whilst providing first-class service to our clientele.We are committed to developing a successful and rewarding relationship between customer and supplier by ensuring that the quality of our product and service is unparalleled in the market place.