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Luxury Mosaic

Designer of handcrafted luxury mosaics in glass and stone for residential and commercial installations., HEMNIL TILES STUDIO to those who share an enthusiasm for the highest-quality designs.

The Luxury collection brings together the most sophisticated materials, the finest leathers and the most precious finishes. Leathers are juxtaposed with both flat and padded tesserae. Rounded surfaces alternate with other flat, rigid ones enhanced by decorations and finishes in gold and metal laminas, in a warm, sensual medley.

Add unashamed luxury to your home for less with our fantastic range of Luxury mosaic tiles. Different textures on these luxury mosaic tiles combine to stunning effect allowing you to create dramatic feature walls and splashbacks at a surprisingly affordable price!

The HEMNIL collection, which is particularly elaborate and lavish, is based on a selection of 24 types of leather with various finishes, patterns and textures. The resulting surface has great vibrancy thanks to the rich hues and light, achieved through interesting variation between shades of red, blue, orange, green, gold, silver and the chiaroscuro contrast in the optical version. A composite creation reminiscent of Art Noumea in its execution and production, Klimt is the most complex collection in terms of research and production, with cutting-edge technology taking leather into the world of ancient mosaics. Welcome to the HEMNIL TILES STUDIO !

Mosaic tiles are great looking tiles that can be used in a variety of locations within your home, they can be used on their own in the bathroom or cut into strips and incorporated into other tiles for a splash of colour and touch of luxury, mosaic tiles can also be used in the kitchen.

Our collection of innovative statement wallpapers and wall coverings draw inspiration from around the globe. Combining texture, pattern and sumptuous colors, our designs are effortlessly elegant to contemporary cool. Whether your interior design demands a dramatic statement or understated chic our attention to design detail and color deliver. Our beautiful range of wallpapers fuse classic patterns with a twist of the eclectic. Our state of the art innovative production methods deliver technical excellence and precision.

High End Luxury wallpapers and wall-coverings are always the finest quality and design.If your home defines refined glamour or traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary twist, SketchTwenty3 has a wallpaper design to create the statement look for your home.

A feature wall, a dramatic backdrop or a quirky cool vibe, SketchTwenty3’s range of wallpapers and wall-coverings will define your space. Release your creativity and browse through our luxury wallpaper collection.

Bring a wall to life with effortlessly sophisticated wallpaper that any home deserves. The luxurious quality of HEMNIL TILES STUDIO wallpaper and wall-coverings can create contemporary spaces, quirky eclectic, moody metropolitan, urban industrial whatever feel you want we’ve got the wallpaper. SketchTwenty3 will help a create stunning interior that reflects your individuality and unique vibe.