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When looking for interior ideas one of the most common questions posed by most people is, what is the best flooring option from the available ones? This is a question that concerns many for the simple reason that flooring goes a long way in enhancing the look of the apartment and also giving it a chic look. Be it a bathroom, living room or kitchen, if tiled neatly it increases durability and use of the area. One is also plagued with a question as to which one is better, porcelain or ceramic tiling?

Having said that each one has its unique features and serves the purpose in its own way. But when choosing a good flooring option, one is often confused and this makes us wonder what will serve the purpose in the best possible way.

Porceline vs. Ceramic tiles

While bothering, porcelain and ceramic tiles look quite similar, there are certain features that make them distinct. Porceline tiles are designed in a way that they are thicker and porous in nature, that is they highly preferred ones. Be it any part of the house or a commercial place where there is a lot of activity, it is always best to have porcelain tiles as they are more enduring and can take pressure batter. Also when it comes to scratch resistance, Porceline is a better option. Impermeable and verified even before glazing they are more durable. Let's take a look at how ceramic tiles stand against Porceline ones. Amorphous and inorganic in nature, these remain porous in nature if not glazed. This makes them absorbed water better. They are also less expensive as compared to other counterparts. But if compared in terms of durability then porcelain tiles last longer.

What makes Porceline a better choice?

Highly resistant to any liquid-In case any liquid spills on the procedure floor then the tile will not absorb it and it will not seep in, making it

Absorbs water better-Porceline has a better ability to absorb water, hence they are easy to clean and can be dried in minutes.

Are longer lasting-Due to its high density and impact resistance, they are able to take the test of heavy objects well. This makes them more durable and can, therefore, go a long way in serving as a great floor base in most houses and commercial spaces.

Fire and heat resistant-They do not have much impact in terms of heat and this makes them endure fire and heat well. They do not catch fire easily and are much safer in that regard.

Refitting and repairing-when it comes to porcelain tiles it's not that difficult to replace or refit if need be. Porcelain tiles are not easily breakable and can take physical impact well. Also, they are scratch resistant, therefore it makes them easy to be repaired or changed if there is a need.

When getting the home interior done there should be no compromise. And if it is about choosing the flooring which is one of the most essential parts of giving a new lease of life to your humble abode, one should not compromise. Make an informed decision and choose what is right for your lifestyle and needs. We are the best Porceline tiles distributors in Bangalore and have guaranteed quality at competitive prices. Get in touch with us and we will furnish all the information that will help you choose the best for your living needs. Contact us today if you are in search of top Porceline dealers in Bangalore.

Hemnil Tiles Studio Is Best Porcelain Tile Dealers in Bangalore

Porcelain is a new variety of ceramic tiles that are considered to be an improve diversion of the same and getting a lot of attention due to its interesting features. These tiles can be incorporated into every Indian household and are a great choice for home interiors.

But not all are familiar with the benefits that these tiles offer.

Many homeowners are unaware of the unique qualities of these tiles and are unknown to the fact that these are the finest quality tiles that can be made a part of your home interior.

As mentioned before, these are an improved product and offer great style and look. While they possess a more or less same material as ceramic tiles, they are a better version in certain aspects.

Not only are they great as flooring solutions but also one that is highly manageable especially in Indian homes.

What is porcelain?

Porcelain tiles are made from thick clay and offer a great flooring solution the material used for these tiles is blended and they are exposed to fire at high temperature and made primarily from clay and other material in a furnace.

Known for being highly uniform as far as making is concerned they show excellent t results and are the same in thickness as other heavier tiles in the same range.

Porcelain tiles are offered in many shapes and styles and you have a range of designs to choose from.


While these tiles come in a slightly higher price range, this can be attributed to the high quality that they possess. These tiles are loaded with benefits and this makes the product highly attractive.

Get familiar with the benefits to understand why it is slightly expensive as compared to ceramic tiles.

Porcelain tiles are highly resistant to wear and tear and do not wear out easily. They last for as long as you can maintain them and retain their polish. With an easy cleaning routine, they can stay with you works quite a long time. Due to the construction of these tiles, they have fewer air pockets and therefore stay firmly on the floor without coming off.

They offer a more dense material and are quite thick. Uniform construction makes the tiles harder and thicker and therefore more durable.

These are a great choice for business purposes and can be installed at places where there is a lot of traffic. All properties make them highly durable over the years.

They can hold stains and water spills without the worry of damage or discoloration. If you have crawling babies and pets at your home, their tiles are the best choice as they offer a lot of comforts.

With such a multitude of benefits, Porcelain tiles are the first choice for many and a great value for money as well. We are Porcelain tile dealers in Bangalore and offer varied choices for you to select. Bring Porcelain tiles home and transform your living space into one filled with luxury and comfort.

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