Confuse How To Select Kitchen Tiles? Follow These Tips


confuse how to select kitchen tiles? follow these tips

The kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. It is one such room of your home where being housewives you spend a major part of your day. So, no wonder why you are so particular about enhancing the beauty of your kitchen. When you got to choose a kitchen tile, you think of a surface that is safe to walk on, easy to maintain and good to look at.

Given here are a few tips using which you can choose kitchen tiles. Here is a quick look:

Find Out A Place Where The Tiles Are To Be Installed:

Before choosing a material, you would need to decide what surface would be right for the application of tile. You can place them as a backsplash behind your stove or on the walls of the kitchen and underside of the upper cabinets. These are popular countertop material and can be used on the kitchen floors.

Determine The Material Of Tile According To Its Positioning:

The word tile implies a resilient material which can be laid in rows. For the kitchen, this can be stone, cork, vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, quarry, etc. whereas bamboo, cork, and vinyl, etc. are used in the flooring of kitchens. Ceramic, porcelain, and quarry, etc. are used for the floors and counters. Glass tiles are seen more commonly on the backsplashes and walls.

Know Your Budget First:

Kitchen tiles can prove to be inexpensive if you choose materials like linoleum or vinyl or they can turn out to be very expensive if you are choosing custom-designed ceramic tiles. So, you should be very clear about your budget before choosing kitchen tiles.

Determine The Lifestyle Of Your Home:

Though the kitchen tiles are resilient, they require regular upkeep to remain durable for a long time. For the countertops, you can choose ceramic tiles because they are long-lasting and can withstand the heat of hot pans and are easy to maintain. However, the surface of ceramic tiles can get chipped or cracked so you need to determine the lifestyle of your homes.

Choose A Floor Tile That Can Withstand Huge Floor Traffic:

When you are choosing floor tiles, you need to make sure that it is durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and resistant to spills, etc. So, whenever you are out to purchase a floor-tile for your kitchen, it has been floor-tile only. If you are choosing a wall-tile for your floors you need to understand that COF or coefficient of friction would be low and that can make it slippery.

For the floors, the tiles with slightly raised patterns are to be chosen always. This will give you a safer kitchen and a more refined look that you may be craving for. You can choose limestone-based or clay tile that can appear just like natural stone. Quarry tiles are more expensive than the traditionally used ceramic tiles. You can choose glass, metal, porcelain materials for the backsplash of your kitchens to have a decorative flair.

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