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Constructing a building necessitates the need for multiple building materials separately for the exteriors and interiors of the building. Decoration is another parts of building construction. There are multiple things available for decoration and tiles are one of the most commonly used materials for it. There are various varieties of tiles available with us and you can choose according to the place you want tiled. If you have been looking around to get your tiles directly from a dealer with a huge range of tile collection in multiple varieties then, Hemnil is the right place for you. Wondering regarding our tiles variety and the advantages you with get from choosing us as your tiles dealer then spare a look below and read on to find out more about tiles and our transparent dealings.

• Tiles have been made since ancient days but the look and the way of manufacturing tiles have somewhatchanged in the modern times. Earlier tileswere used on the roofs as well. But now tiles are being used everywhereto give your building a finer look. Tiles are made out of various raw materials like stone, ceramic, baked clay, glass and other materials.

• The Egyptians were known for using tiles extensively in their architecture. Being an advanced civilization they no doubt mastered the tilemaking technique in the best way and from then on the technique has been borrowed and improvised upon in many ways to manufacture tiles for modern day needs.

• We make our tiles with the best portions of the raw materials imported from the best places all over the world. Our professionals check the raw materials from the scratch and only the fully tested and sanctioned by the experts. We have the special testing units,set-up near our manufacturing factories toensure that all the approved raw materials reach our manufacturing centres at the earliest. The test centres are well equipped with the most developed machines to make the testing of the raw materials easily and quick to process.

• At Hemnil, we are known for our immediate delivery of the manufactured tiles to our clients. We deal with a huge client’s base including both companies and individual dealers. You can alsocontact us if you are an individualwho needs specific tiles of best quality for your building.

• We make tiles of various shapes, sizes and patterns. You canget mono-chrome tiles, floral patterned tiles, graphic tile and the list can go on. We also manufacture tiles with imprints of the faces and structures of various Gods and Goddesses, so you can now take your pick of tiles to attach to your worship place as well.

• If require customization with design, shape or size of the tiles then we are more than happy to accommodate you and your required preferences. You can have a work withour designers and workout on the personalization together. We do not charge anything extra for consultation with our designers although the price range for the customized tilescan vary depending on what you want and the work put-in by our employees.

• We also have a separate collection for tiles for your washroom. Usually, these tiles are non-porous and moisture and water resistant. The glazed look of the tiles helps it to have a waxy exterior that neither soaks in water nor does it help the dirt to get attached permanently. You can easily clean these tiles with a bathroom viper and tile cleaners.

• Ceramic tiles are usually put in rooms and kitchens to enhance the look of the rooms. You can also opt for mosaic tiles to give your home or building a look similar to that of having mosaic done. This isboth durable, strong and budget efficient.

• Other types of tile that we manufacture are Bullnose tiles, Porcelain tiles, Real Stone tiles, Subwaytiles and Wall tiles. Each tile has a different typeand individual style. The Bullnose tiles have rounded corners and fits-in with each other just like puzzlepieces whereas porcelain tiles are huge and are often used to cover up a large area with only a smallnumber of tiles.

• Most of the porous Real Stone tiles are sealed so that the tiles last longer even in hard weather. These tiles are quite famous with construction agencies and builders as these tiles are easy to attach, long-lasting and have a varied look starting from the classicrange to themodern range.

• Last but not the least, are the finger tiles also commonly known as the Listellos derived from an Italian derivative. If you want to add aborderto your tiles then these are the perfect pieces for you. You can get these in multiple margin sizes and the range is known for its colourful variety and vibrancy.

• The Wall tiles are a lot thinner as these tiles are made for walls specifically. You can arrange the tiles in a vertical or horizontal position in accordance with the look you want to give, type of tiles you have and the shape and length and height of your wall. Wall tiles can be used for covering the exterior and interior walls of a building. These tiles are also extensively used to line the kitchen walls decoratively.

• You can take the assistance of our experts if you are confused regarding the type of tile that would best suit your needs. The floor tiles and the walls tiles differ from each other and for flooring, we recommend that you buy floor tiles only in any variety you may like.

All our tiles are made tostand the test of time. Hemnil Tiles are pure art and once you have your tile shopping list ready reach out to us to avail the best offers, reasonable pricetags, payment flexibility options and free shipping and delivery. We are certified and appreciated as the best tile dealers in Bangalore because of our foremost priority of catering to the requirements of our clients and their satisfaction only in every way imaginable.

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