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We all have very specific choices and preferences in terms of taste, color, and style and this reflect closely even in the way we do up our homes. While there are so many choices available in the market when it comes to home interior each one of us prefers something close to our liking. Home interior is an inclusive term and includes every aspect right from furniture, home decor, fixtures and fittings, light effects, wardrobes and layout of the house and not to forget space management. Well! The list goes on and on.

When talking about home interiors how can one overlook flooring which is such an integral part of every interior space? Whether it is a commercial area or a household interior or even an office space for that matter, each of these is incomplete without the use of right kinds of tiles for the floor.

Flooring an Integral Part of Interior Design

When it comes to flooring one is spoilt for choice and there is so much to choose from that it may leave you confused and wondering what is best for your requirement. This is when professional intervention helps and one should not compromise on the same.

Flooring is the whole and soul of every interior space and one should not settle for less if you are looking for some interesting effects. It gives a whole new style to your decor and adds that extra bit of chic.

Different types of floor design are appropriate for a different purpose and this should be strictly kept in mind while deciding upon the right flooring tiles. They should be chosen specially for space where they are used and solve the right purpose.

Main considerations while choosing the right kind of tiles are to have something that is very easy to manage and does not take too much of an effort to maintain. It should be scratch resistant as wear and tear of tiles is likely to spoil the overall look of your interior decor and you may be left feeling disappointed. This is where quality also comes into the picture.

Always keep in mind that the tiles that you choose are strong and can sustain the test of time. Right from commercial use to office space to even homes, all places require different types of tiling for the simple reason that they solve different purpose everywhere.

Antique Tiles for a Rustic Look

Out of the wide variety of tiles available, one such type is the antique tile which is fast gaining popularity due to its rustic finish and distressed look. People use it for various purposes, especially to create certain dramatic looks in balconies or garden space or sometimes even the insides of homes. If you are looking for creating any such look in your interiors space, then we are leading antique tiles distributors in Bangalore and antique tiles dealers in Bangalore and a celebrated name in the same field. The quality of our tiles and their unique style is completely unmatched and will bring an alluring and captivating look into your living space that you will always cherish for years to come.

Hemnil Tiles Studio Is Best Antique Tile Dealers in Bangalore

If there is something that is creating quite a stir in the interior world, then it is the overwhelmingly popular vintage look. This is not only true for the overall interior set up in terms of home accessories furnishings and furniture, but also when it comes to selecting tiles for the interior. Antique finish tiles are highly popular and being incorporated into homes and commercial interior spaces for quite some time now. They offer a look of elegance and take you back in time. If you're looking for creating some richness and texture in your living area, bedrooms or for that matter even kitchen, then antique finish can do the magic.

Antique finish tiles are a treasure and have an old-world charm to them. A lot of people prefer this theme for the simple reason that it is and an all-time favorite and never feels outdated.

You can team these tiles up with plane neutral tones of tiles and some interesting patterns on the floor. While there is no shortage of ideas as to how you can use these tiles, some of the interesting ideas would be to incorporate them on the wall, in the lobby area and even as a part of your ceiling. The choice is yours and you can create effects as you please. Having said that, one of the most appealing looks that vintage tiles offer is when they are used for flooring purposes. Very easy to clean and maintain, they are highly manageable and very less demanding.

If you are someone who likes to keep your floor minimalistic and does not like too much clutter in terms of furniture or carpets and rugs, then we suggest that you go for floor tiles with an antique finish. While porcelain or ceramic tiles may need constant cleaning, mosaic antique finish tiles will help hide some of those flaws and you can easily do away with the cleaning process once in a while.

If you have a home that is demanding in terms of little children, pets, a large family and a lot of visitors, then it is best that you go for an antique finish that spares you the agony of putting up a rug every now and then.

A vintage look is something that is very eye-catching and seemingly popular.

It is a classic choice that very many people prefer as it blends so well with various kinds of interior decor settings. The other good part is that it can give you a lot amount of flexibility in terms of the overall look minimalistic. Because they retain the original look, they need low maintenance.

Because these tiles come with an antique finish, they are inherently slightly old looking and give a worn-out feel that appeals to many. That may prove beneficial to some as it can be advantageous. One may not have to spend time trying to give them a perfect look at all times. If you have decided on giving a vintage look to your interior space, then antique tiles are a perfect choice for you. Connect within as best Antique tile dealers in Bangalore and create a classic style for your decor.

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