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Tips for Selecting Best Tiles for Your Home

In the modern day construction method, tiles form an integral part of aesthetics and functionality of your home. The modern technology has enabled different variety of tiles with varied finishes and sizes to match your need. Tiles are of different types depending on the material used, method of manufacturing, color and texture. There are mainly three types of tiles namely ceramic, porcelain and vitrified. The raw material used for all the three is sane like clay, sand and others. The difference comes in the way of burning and composition. Porcelain tiles are denser than ceramic tiles and they are hard to penetrate and have great tensile strength. Vitrified tiles can be both ceramic and porcelain and in case of vitrified tiles a different method of burning is used which gives a glass coating for these tiles. Hence vitrified tiles are sturdy and often used for paving public spaces. Tiles are also classified under glazed or unglazed, matte or glossy. Some of the tips for tile selection for your home are:

Whatever may be the nature of construction of your home, tiles add life and beauty to your home. I thus suggest you to be extra careful and study the above given tips regarding tile selection and make a viable investment. Make your home a place like heaven with your beautiful tile schemes.


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